ABS classed hyperbaric reception facility built to IMCA standard and audited to IMCA D 053

The Self-Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat (SPHL) delivers divers rescued from a DSV in distress to shore and top mates to the HRF for safe decompression.

The twin lock 12-man 300m HRF chamber main compartment has sixteen (16) divers BIBS regulated gas supply with adjacent four (4) diver wet pot (TUP) with overhead LED lighting, one (1) class 1 pressure vessel buffer tank toilet. 3-man hospital chamber side connects. Chambers are thermally insulated, and stainless steel clad, hot and cold glycol systems provide environmental control with 9.5Kw (x2) of heating or cooling as required. Life support control is separately housed in a 20’ ISO container per IACS CSC scheme appraised by ABS.



40 ft Flat rack main lock 6000 x 2300 mm
and wet pot (24m3 & 6m3) and 1400 x 2300 mm (43t)

20 ft control van

6058 x 2438 x 2438 mm (10t)

Life support gas control

Main gas control panel, O2 induction system, equalizing valves.

Gas analysis

O2 & CO2 analyzer points, ambient control room analyzer

Communication panel

Helium radio unscrambler, sound powered phones

Alarm & switch control

Humidity %, temp, clock, high/low pressure, chamber lighting & camera power, CO2 scrubbers, CCU fan.

CO2 Scrubbers

4 x lock 1, 2 x TUP

Main blow down control

Panel mount, quarter turn ball valve, marked with logic lines supplied directly from HP gas regulation panel.

Emergency gas blow down

Supplied from secondary supply.

Medical lock

For food, water and medicine

Electrical distribution board (to 24V DC system)

1 unit 3 Phase 380/220V 50/60hz
1 unit 3 Phase 440/380V 50/60hz


Diesel back up generator (440V, 220 kVA)

1 unit 3650 x 1300 x 1740 mm

Medical O2 quads (16 cylinder)

1500 x 1500 x 2000 mm 2t each
4 each @ 60msw, 8 each @ 100msw

Heliox quads (2%) (64 cylinder)

2100 x 1900 x 2000 mm 7t each
6 each @ 60msw, 8 each @ 100msw

Heliox quads (Treatment) (16 cylinder)

1500 x 1500 x 2000 mm 2t each
2 each @ 60msw, 3 each @ 100msw

Hospital Lock Chamber

3-person 4950 x 1778 mm 11.4t

The control room is supplied with UPS power and there is an auxiliary back up generator and distribution system in the event that mains supply is interrupted. Effluent wastewater system from shower and toilet is manifolded externally to connect to waste management system.

Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) Report is available on request.