With well-rounded subsea construction experience, K Subsea’s teams use diversified assets to offer integrated and efficient turnkey solutions across a host of subsea construction services:

  • Risers, flanged and stalk-on and J-tubes
  • Riser clamps
  • Subsea tie–in spools
  • Hot-tap installation
  • Pipeline/cable stabilisation – concrete mattresses/grout bags
  • Structures installation – PLEM, SSIV, MWA…
  • Major installation support – bow string installation, recovery of subsea launchers and receiver, temporary installation aids, debris removal
  • Decommissioning, removal and replacement works

Our differentiators:

  • Safe, efficient, reliable, and dependable execution
  • Commitment, accountability and consistency in delivery
  • Open and transparent transactions
  • Adept interface management
  • Versatile fleet
  • In-house expertise for marine, diving, and ROV operations
  • Ability to handle volumes with ease
  • Comprehensive range of services from diving from client asset to execution of full turnkey projects