Established in Brunei as a joint venture with SPHI Marine Sdn Bhd, SPHI KSB was set up over 10 years ago to offer engineering and project management services in contracts that are located in this geographical area.

With over a 100 onshore and offshore staff members, SPHI KSB’s offices, workshop and yard form the shore operations base for all work undertaken by the Company in this area.

One of SPHI KSB’s stated goals is to support the local populace and local businesses in furthering its own work-related goals. SPHI Marine, K Subsea’s JV partner, is fully Bruneian owned and importantly contributes to our shared local business development objectives. The JV continues to further these local content goals.

To realize its ambitious localization objectives, the JV supports SPHI Marine’s modus operandi of recruiting potential Bruneian seafarers, offshore workers, and onshore office and technical staff, and nurturing them with time and resources to ensure that they are the future drivers of the maritime industry in Brunei and in the region.