Project management starts at the front-end, at the bidding stage. The better planned right from the start, the more likely a project will be completed on time, safely and on budget. K Subsea project management teams are set up in close coordination with all departmental support required with an emphasis on commercial and financial control and operational, QHSE and contractual compliance.

Installation engineering is done in coordination with client end user and the other project engineers working toward a common objective. Our engineers will review and further develop the end clients FEED study engineering optimizing tasks by use of enhanced technology and improved tooling to increase efficiency and lower overall cost.

Simultaneous operations and coordination of installation tasks is often the weakest links on a project and requires particular attention and good teamwork. Good offshore management makes efficient use of resources available and is above all, well prepared for any eventuality. Communication with clients, within K Subsea, and with our sub-contractors and others on a project site is essential to success offshore.

Cost and project controls are essential to ensure our project management oversight is effective and tied to safe successful project completion. This also provides relevant feedback to the client contract holder when required and allows for a sustainable business for K Subsea.

The offshore environment and subsea in particular is like few other workplaces. Attention to QHSE is the first priority to ensure all of a worksite personnel, not only our own, can go home safely to their families and return when needed. In focusing on this with appropriately trained personnel, the right tools for the job, and the right procedures, we foster a healthy, sustainable high-performance workforce.

Our procurement processes ensure appropriate quality, cost and delivery are guaranteed through early planning and good project management coordination. Long lead items that can effect critical path are given early priority and close scrutiny to ensure no delays occur on a project schedule with supply chain prequalification and monitoring in constant balance.