K Subsea understands the importance of underwater repairs without which failures can occur that result in significant operational downtime and loss in revenues. The Company therefore offers pipeline and other structural underwater repair services using a variety of subsea tooling. Its teams possess years of experience and specific competencies in pipeline repairs and maintenance. Services include:

  • Containment using engineered clamps (PLIDCO, Oil States, OI etc), smart flanges and various subsea composite wraps and epoxy coating solutions applied by diver or via robotics.
  • Wet welding.
  • Above water interventions such as pipeline davit lift to surface, flange plus spool tie-in or midwater tie-in.
  • Flow diversion through hot taps and line stops.
  • Structural repairs including wet welding for weather- or accident-induced damages
  • Conductor guide frame modifications
  • Repairing fatigued underwater structural joints
  • Corrosion protection by retrofitting anodes
  • Joining subassemblies to the jacket
  • Adding additional risers to existing jacket for enhanced production
  • Adding braces and clamps without welding to strengthen the jacket or MOU legs
  • Strengthening of member using grout in-fills.

State-of-art assets and crew

K Subsea’s competent, skilled and experienced offshore crew uses the Company’s state-of-the-art DP 2 DSVs and ROVs to perform diving operations to very high international standards.