K Subsea provides underwater IRM services for structures, pipelines and other facilities, to the strictest client specifications and stringent industry standards in adherence to IMCA and OGP. Services include the following:

  • Detailed underwater inspection
  • Structure integrity, visual inspection, MPI, UT, CP, ACFM, FMD, other advanced subsea inspections techniques (PAUT, TOFD) and repairs
  • Pipeline/cable integrity – inspection/surveys, CPFG, repairs, stabilisation, free-span corrections, sectional replacements
  • Debris and seabed scour survey
  • Anode retrofit and anode sled installation

End-to-end integrity

K Subsea ensures end-to-end integrity of your operations through:

  • Inspection & Surveys to ensure Structural, Pipeline and Asset integrity through jacket face surveys, conductor guide slots and frame surveys, inspections of pipelines, free-spans and risers for leaks, and Detailed Underwater Inspection (DUI) and UWILD for seabed debris and disturbance check, and sump inspection.
  • Remedial and Installation services for riser and flexible pipeline replacement, tie-in spools, pipeline leak repairs, umbilical (including topside) tie-in, anchor block recovery, conductor centralizer/shims installation, and anode replacement on members.
  • Maintenance services on J-Tubes, subsea clamps, risers and riser guards, retrofit clamps and anode skids, anode sleds, conductor centering or stabilisation, armawrap at splash zone, and freespan corrections (grout bags).

K Subsea owns and operates a highly specialised offshore support vessel for offshore operations while also having preferred access to third party OSVs when required. The DPDSV Challenger is a purpose built diving support vessel, constructed by Vard in Norway. The vessel adheres to the most stringent maritime international operating and safety standards.